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Got chargebacks? Save time and money by automating your disputes.

Dispute Automation by Chargehound is a comprehensive chargeback solution that makes handling disputes easy. Our unique system ensures dispute responses are free of human error, complete, and submitted on time.

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How it works

Dispute Automation securely pulls data and evidence from your payment processor so you don’t waste time collecting data.
Then, our system automatically creates and submits responses on your behalf as chargebacks come in. It's that simple.
There are no fixed fees! We only get paid when you do, so it's our mission to continually increase your win rate.

Key features

User-friendly dashboard and real time statistics to help you manage and understand your chargebacks. Navigate your disputes like a pro.

Comprehensive response templates do all the hard work for you — pulling in evidence like shipping information, customer payment histories, and more.

Manual review options and fraud scoring ensure a human sees trickier cases, while everything else can be automated.

Easily integrate with our secure API for end-to-end automation. Never miss a deadline or response again.

You could recover $25,000 and save 250 hours every month with Dispute Automation!


Average chargeback amount


Number of chargebacks per month

30 mins

Time spent preparing a dispute response

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Want to learn more about winning disputes? We’ll send you some tips — as well as a shareable analysis of how much time and money you can recover with Dispute Automation.

Getting set up is easy

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One-on-one support and thorough documentation ensure your Dispute Automation setup is quick and easy. Since Dispute Automation integrates securely and natively with Braintree, PayPal, Stripe, and Vantiv, automating your chargebacks is a breeze.

Using another payment gateway? Let us know — we facilitate custom integrations all the time and can likely work with you.

“Once we started automating our chargebacks, revenue recovery scaled 8X in a matter of months. We never expected it to have this much of a positive impact.”
Jean Edugene, Operations Manager at Handy

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