About Chargehound

What do we do?

Chargehound builds breakthrough automation technology to solve real business problems. Our platform offers the only fully automated chargeback solution for merchants, eliminating a pain point that most businesses would not be able to solve effectively without us. We work with Fortune 500 merchants, massive marketplace platforms, and storied retailers across the globe.

At Chargehound, we offer companies the most scalable and powerful solution for managing chargebacks and friendly fraud. About 1% of all online sales will be disputed this year and Chargehound is best suited to help merchants recapture that opportunity.

Who are we?

We are a group of people who like to build great products and solve real problems to make businesses more scalable, efficient, and successful. Our team hails from around the world and brings a diverse range of background, experiences, and interests to the table. We value a culture of honesty, hard work, humor, compassion, and respect.

We are a business based out of Oakland, CA and Brooklyn, NY. We value our local communities and look for ways to support them. We work hard but also find time to spend with each other outside of work, including team retreats to Tahoe, Monterey, and more.