"Chargehound was the solution we needed to automate this process at scale and provided instant and continued success."


Since its launch, Discord, a voice, video and text communication service, has grown rapidly, with over 150 million monthly active users now using the platform to hang out and talk with their friends and communities.


Discord was entering a hypergrowth period and needed a tech forward chargeback solution that could get up and running quickly and scale with minimal resources.


Chargehound’s integration with Discord took less than a day, with dispute submissions beginning within the first week. By investing in chargeback automation during a hypergrowth period, Discord’s revenue recovery effortlessly scaled with its business to deliver massive ROI.


Discord was able to achieve a 3X increase in win rate and 4X increase in submission rate across a 6X increase in dispute volumes as they grew. If Discord’s business hadn’t experienced massive growth and dispute volumes had stayed flat, Discord would have still recovered 3X more dollars with Chargehound. However, as dispute volumes grew 6x, Chargehound scaled with Discord’s business growth to recover an extraordinary 45x more dollars since go-live.