HotelTonight triples revenue recovered from chargebacks and scales at zero cost.


"HotelTonight is one of the largest online booking sites for hotels in the world. Our millions of members book hotels every night, and achieve VIP statuses for rewards and savings. We’ve been a tech leader in the booking industry based in the Bay Area for years."


HotelTonight began gearing up for a major growth push. There were concerns about their manual setup handling disputes. The two major issues were: how to scale responding to disputes, and how to track the performance of the solution. HotelTonight needed a technology partner to get a handle on both things.


Chargehound was able to provide a fully automated solution that also gave them total visibility into the metrics for the chargeback process. With our dashboard and deep statistics platform, the HotelTonight team was able to monitor and respond to their disputes alongside the company’s growth.


With Chargehound in place, HotelTonight was able to instantly scale the dispute process, reducing the number of FTEs on the job from 5 down to 1.5 in just a few days. In addition, submission rates jumped from 75% to 100%. The real winner? With Chargehound, HotelTonight nearly 3X'd their dollars recovered.