NetProtect Automates PayPal Disputes to Achieve Holistic Chargeback Management


NetProtect is a global leader in internet protection. With a sophisticated yet simple array of consumer and business solutions, NetProtect delivers secure, open access to files, websites, software, and media, with infrastructure that spans over 40 countries.


NetProtect wanted to deploy a holistic chargeback solution. After successfully automating their Stripe volumes with Chargehound, doing the same with their PayPal chargebacks and claims was the last step to remove all manual work associated with chargebacks.


NetProtect was able to fully automate their PayPal chargebacks and claims using Chargehound’s two-click payment processor connection. As a result, NetProtect has gained back human capital, streamlined operations, and increased revenue recovery.


With Chargehound in place, NetProtect has brought their submission rate up to 100% and went from losing almost 73% of chargebacks on PayPal to winning them thanks to comprehensive response templates designed by Chargehound. Today, NetProtect recovers significantly more revenue from chargebacks while eliminating FTE hours.