“Don’t waste your time on unsustainable solutions. If your business is doing well you’re going to have more chargebacks.”


SeatGeek was founded in 2009 with the goal of making it easy for fans to discover and buy live sports, concert and theater tickets online. Today, SeatGeek has sold tickets to events from hundreds of thousands of artists and teams nationwide.


In 2015, SeatGeek expanded its features to do more ticket transfers and chargebacks skyrocketed. Initially, SeatGeek turned to an outside vendor to manually respond to disputes on their behalf. Outsourcing quickly proved unsustainable. It was prone to human error, time-consuming to manage and lacked visibility into what was working. SeatGeek needed a solution that wouldn’t eat up FTE hours, could handle rapidly growing chargeback volumes and would provide visibility into their chargeback data.


Using Chargehound’s fully automated solution, SeatGeek has been able to seamlessly respond to dispute volumes fluctuating as much as 50% month-over-month. No longer having to spend time managing chargebacks, SeatGeek employees now focus on using the real-time dispute dashboard to track long term chargeback trends, identify areas of the business where risk management can be improved, and proactively putting policies in place that ensure fans see more live shows.


Using Chargehound, SeatGeek has consistently responded to 100% of disputes, increased its submission rate 40%, and eliminated FTE hours spent on disputes. The win rate improved by 20 percent and SeatGeek doubled revenue recovered from chargebacks.