Parts Geek

Parts Geek improves chargeback performance at scale with Chargehound


Parts Geek is one of the largest suppliers of replacement auto parts, auto accessories, and automotive crash parts online. Established in 2008, Parts Geek is known for its high-quality service and has been offering online visitors an extensive catalogue of auto parts for all domestic and imported cars, trucks and SUVs.


Parts Geek’s manual dispute representment process could not scale to match the growth of online orders. With high average order values (AOV) spanning three different payment portals, Parts Geek needed a technology solution that would centralize its dispute management, improve chargeback performance and free up employee time to spend on improving its core business.


Chargehound worked with Parts Geek to create best-in-class dispute response templates and address 100% of disputes, resulting in a 33% increase in win rate and 2.5X increase in overall dollars recovered.Taking advantage of Chargehound’s fully-automated solution across PayPal, Braintree and AMEX has enabled the Parts Geek team to eliminate all hours spent on chargebacks and focus efforts on providing high-quality customer service.


By leveraging Chargehound’s customized, automated chargeback solution, Parts Geek has scaled its submission rate to 100%, seen a 33% increase in win rate, and a 2.5x increase in revenue recovered.