Solutions Engineer

Interface with customers and develop integration solutions.


At Chargehound, we offer companies the most scalable and powerful solution for managing chargebacks and friendly fraud. About 1% of all online sales will be disputed this year and Chargehound is best suited to capture that opportunity. As online sales grow, so does Chargehound, and we're looking for someone exceptional to join our team.

You'll be responsible for interfacing with external customers and helping them develop integration solutions. You'll need to be comfortable meeting with clients and walking them through the integration process, as well as managing, documenting, and discussing APIs and client libraries in the context of a larger system integration. You should be comfortable with modern programming languages as we support a number of them. See our API Documentation and Quick Start Guide for examples.

You'll have a huge amount of autonomy and will be expected to make significant contributions throughout the sales and integration processes. You should expect to work with engineers and non-technical stakeholders, acting as a subject matter expert to help bridge the gap when needed. Being able to concisely and accurately distill technical concepts into plain english, both written and verbally, is very important.

Because our team is small, you'll have the opportunity to interact directly with everyone involved and should feel comfortable managing multiple engagements at once.

You should be able to empathize both with users and the rest of our team. This means considering both how our customers use our software and how the product and engineering team have designed our software to be used.

Sample Projects:

  • Create a client library for our API using a modern programming language you have not used before. Make sure to use the language's best practices and add it to our reference documentation.
  • Our sales team is pushing a deal forward, but needs some help explaining the integration to a project manager. Join them in a meeting and provide the technical expertise required to reassure the potential customer.
  • A new large customer wants to automate their chargeback flow immediately. They have all of the data they need in a internal portal, but don't have the engineering resources to do an API integration for another quarter. Propose a solution to get the process started as soon as possible and implement it.
  • A customer emails integration support and is having some trouble receiving our web hooks. Investigate the situation and walk them through the process until they are receiving and responding to the web hooks as expected.
  • Update our reference documentation build process to generate a set of documents for each API version.

Our ideal candidate will:

  • Have experience building and maintaining products with real-world usage.
  • Have experience interfacing with external clients, or very strong internal project management experience.
  • Have experience working on client-side and server-side code.
  • Be able to quickly code and design working prototypes.
  • Be willing to travel if needed.
  • Be willing to pick up the slack and do unglamorous tasks.
  • Have opinions about good and bad API design and the ability to justify them.
  • Value the importance of good documentation.
  • Concisely and accurately distill technical concepts into plain english, both written and verbally.
  • Become familiar with the financial and business context around chargebacks, so you can talk about the workflow in client meetings - we'll help with that.

Nice to haves:

  • Extensive familiarity with at least two programming languages.
  • Well acquainted with a modern web framework and RESTful APIs.
  • Experience integrating with payment processors.
  • Open source work.


Please include a summary of the products/solutions/engagements you've worked on that you’re most proud of and why. Make sure to send us links and source code if available.

If this sounds interesting, we would love to hear from you. Please include whatever info you believe is relevant: resume, profiles, portfolios, code samples, links to personal projects, etc.

Last Reviewed: April 3rd, 2019